About Us

Xtoorr is an online bags store with a variety of uniquely designed bags.

The product style adheres to the style of elegance, simplicity and fashion, incorporates the fashion element of sports, breaks the boundaries of genres, and creates a simple, introverted, natural, and individualized style. It is aimed at the pursuit of fashion liberation, individual independence, enjoyment and cherishment of oneself. Consumers with a certain level of life experience and taste first.

As a learning-oriented company, Xtoorr is constantly absorbing various experiences and knowledge to strengthen the company's competitiveness and strength while constantly reflecting on itself. The brand concept takes design as the center, drawing materials from fashion, thinking in details, observing the needs of different consumers, creating products with equal emphasis on comfort and design, combining popular and practical elements to build the aesthetics of dress required by modern consumers. Create a fashion life philosophy that transforms complexity into simplicity.

So we will keep studying, keep learning, to design more and more excellent product to customers, and we sincerely hope you will like it .